you know i'd fall apart without you.

Giving this blog away!

I’m looking to give this blog to whoever wants it.

There are a few conditions of course. You must keep the blog the same. As in, you must continue to post Hunter imagines.

I just can’t handle running so many blogs by myself, so I can’t handle this one.

But I’d love to see it continued. So I need someone to take it off my hands. 

If you’re interested in becoming the admin of the blog, please message me and let me know!

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Have a Hunter Hayes imagine?

Feel free to submit it!

You can either let us know in the ask box and we’ll make a graphic for it, or you can submit one on your own graphic! :)

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uncodified asked: "Hi!! You're a super amazing blogger. I enjoy your posts. And I would love it if you could follow me!! You're awesomeee. XDD"

We can’t follow you, hun. I’m sorry. This is a sideblog. :/

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I just saw something that said “Why don’t Scotty McCreery fans and Hunter Hayes fans get along” I honestly LOVE Scotty, his voice is orgasmic to my ears. But I don’t like the fact that Scotty is nominated for awards like New Artist of the Year. When I think new, I think brand new. But Scotty…